Keychain Moto Coin will help to find the lost in the house smartphone or keys

A couple of years ago, when Motorola was still a «Motorola», and not turned into a Moto brand consisting of Lenovo, the company has released keychain Keylink. It’s a small keychain with Bluetooth, which need not to lose some important thing.

Now to enter the market is preparing a similar device called the Moto Coin. It’s a small keychain that you can, for example, to hang on to the keys. Like other similar devices, the keychain can be set so that the smartphone was beeping when the user leaves from it to a distance exceeding the specified limit. Keychain can be made to send a signal to a smartphone if the latest suddenly lost.

In addition, through Coin, you can control music playback or take a snapshot from the camera to a paired smartphone. A source says the GPS tracker, but in the screenshots with a description of the novelties of this functionality is not specified. The FOB is powered from a standard battery CR2032, which should be enough for a year. This also indicates the absence of the GPS module of the novelty.



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