Keyboard Nanoxia Ncore Retro imitates the design of a typewriter

The company Nanoxia sometimes gives their products a futuristic image, but with the latest novelty, she decided to turn back the clock and turned to the centuries-tested design. We are talking about the keyboard Nanoxia Ncore Retro, made in the style of early typewriters, with its round, raised above the phone keys:

The mechanical keyboard uses Kailh switches are White, and the keys can be removed for replacement or cleaning. The service life of the switches is estimated at 70 million keystrokes, they offer a distinct locking click.

Important and rare advantage Nanoxia Ncore Retro is a waterproof design that allows you to quickly return the product to its original appearance. The case is completely made of plastic, but it ends mimic a chrome finish. The designers were able to refrain from the use of lighting.

A number of functional buttons can perform multimedia functions when you press Fn. The manufacturer claims that any combination and any number of simultaneously pressed keys are recognized correctly (anti-ghosting and n-key rollover).

Polling frequency is 1000 Hz, the computer keyboard Nanoxia Ncore Retro connects by USB cable length 1.8 m. With dimensions of 465 x 150 x 69 mm and weighs 1.3 kg. the price of the Nanoxia keyboard Ncore Retro is 110 euros.



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