Kazakhstan will launch a platform of Stasis with the first cryptocurrency backed by real money

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are of great interest of governments of different countries. And in Kazakhstan, and is configured to make the country a global leader in the industry, which in 2015, there was created an international financial centre «Astana» (IFCA), the objectives of which include attracting investment, the development of the securities market, insurance and banking services. One practical step in this direction has been the Memorandum of cooperation signed by the IFCA and investment company of new generation EXANTE. The goal of the collaboration is named market development scriptaction in Kazakhstan and promotion of IFCA as an international center of expertise of technologies.

Under the Memorandum, the company EXANTE, already have experience of implementing blockchain projects, will launch the platform Stasis, which will create a new digital asset with regular state audit, provided traditional financial instruments. In addition, she will participate in the act of IFCA and regulation of market scriptactive and support the development of FINTECH-ecosystems.

Investor interest in the cryptocurrency is largely due to their limited potential emissions, while the increased global money supply is constantly growing, already amounting to about 50 trillion dollars. According to the authors of the project, the capitalization of digital assets will double every two years until 2021, after which the pace will start to slow down. This asset will act as the protection of the cryptocurrency market, just as do government bonds relative to global equities.


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