Kangaroo Notebook — the laptop is modular, allowing to replace the «stuffing» in just a few seconds

Last year, InFocus introduced the unique mini PC Kangaroo, which then had a couple of times to update. The uniqueness of the device lies in its size, the presence of the battery and ability to use the iPad as a monitor.

And those same craftsmen have introduced a new product — Kangaroo Notebook. And it is no less unique. At first glance it seems that this is the usual compact laptop. And the name clearly indicates this. But in fact this is the most that neither is a modular device.

One of the modules — the laptop without the main components. That is just a docking station with a display, keyboard, battery and ports. And this docking station connects the very compact module, which is an almost full-fledged computer.

Perhaps in the future, InFocus will offer consumers new options for the modules, but now it exists in a single modification. It contains an Intel Atom x5-Z8350, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB of flash memory and wireless adapters interfaces. That is enough for normal tasks but not for something more serious. Docking station equipped with HD screen diagonal of 11.6 inch, USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.0 and card reader. The battery capacity of 37 W•h the dimensions of the finished mobile PC equal 288,9 x 196 x 19.9 mm and weight 1.2 kg.

All of this will cost buyers $300, and the set will be supplied from two modules in the PC. The manufacturer offers to use one for work and one for home.


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