Kabel Prufen with OLED display monitors the temperature of the USB connectors, voltage and amperage

On the site Kickstarter began fundraising for the issue of an unusual cable with connectors USB and micro-USB. The cable is called Prufen. It is unusual in that it is able to measure the temperature in both the connectors and the voltage and current. The measurement results are displayed on a small OLED display. In addition, they are used for diagnostics of emergency situations, protection system and offer recommendations to the user.

Cable length 1 m is estimated at $26. For $37 you can reserve a kit with the adapter to connect to Apple devices with Lightning connector.

The cable is suitable for data transfer and charging, and it is designed for voltages up to 20 V that is suitable for devices that support fast-charging technology.

Fundraising began recently, but is required for the serial production of the amount have been taken. The shipment of cables authors of the project promise to begin in March, stating that the first batch of 1000 pieces have already been released and sold in Singapore, so the cable has passed the test of practice.

Source: Kickstarter


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