Just one day the market value of IBM increased by 12.6 billion dollars

A sluggish note on the quarterly report from IBM, which said that the company «again reported lower revenue,» could create the false impression that IBM is going through a period of stagnation, if not slowly goes to the bottom. In fact, the publication of the quarterly report computer giant has stirred up the exchange. The founder of the PC market exceeded analysts ‘ expectations, causing the value of its shares quickly began to grow.

Just one day the market value of IBM increased by 12.6 billion dollars.

To understand the scale of changes is enough to know that this daily growth was last recorded six years ago, in 2009. And since the beginning of this year, IBM shares fell by 12%.

Recall, the company IBM is the third largest software vendor in the world, so analysts say it is a reflection of the situation in the industry. The reduction in revenue to IBM for 22 consecutive quarters pointed to stagnation. At the same time, the company is regularly noted in the quarterly reports that the revenue of promising areas, including cloud computing, cybersecurity and data Analytics, is growing. In the last quarter of the articles, providing a total of 46% of the company’s revenue, brought her 8.8 billion dollars, an increase of 11%.

While the consultants are not in a hurry to change the ratings IBM, avoiding conversations about the turn rate, but Citi and Barclays have already raised the forecast of stock price.



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