Julie Larson-green resigned from Microsoft

Julie Larson-green (Julie Larson-Green) joined Microsoft in 1993, she worked on Visual C++ and Internet Explorer, and in 1997 the team moved to the Office to work on FrontPage.

In 2012, Julie Larson-green led the Department which handled all hardware and software developments for Windows. In the role of corporate Vice-President she was following the successful launch of Windows 7, at that time before it was already reported about 1,400 managers, developers, content creators and other members of the Windows team.

This week it was announced that Julie Larson-green had decided to leave the company in which she spent the last 24 years. Six months ago she had surgery on the spinal cord, and now Julie Larson-green stated that it is willing to take all the experience you get from Microsoft to use it elsewhere.



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