Jotunheim — the first modular amplifier Schiit Audio headphone

Company Schiit Audio announced the release of, in her words, «the first and only of its kind table modular amplifier Jotunheim. This amp is designed for headphones, and its name in Norse mythology is the country of trolls and witches, stretching North from the Dvina river to the Arctic ocean and to the East of the Gulf of Bothnia to the Ural mountains.

Modularity Jotunheim is designed to provide flexibility in using the device and prevent it obsolescence. The buyer can choose Jotunheim in the configuration of a clean amp, or add one of two modules: a balanced DAC AK4490 or passive MM-Phono stage with interstage connection DC. The presence of the Phono stage allows you to use a Jotunheim composed of high-end desktop analogue system with a turntable as the source. The module is compatible with most existing MM-heads. It is characterized by the level of pre-amplification 44 dB and works without an overload signal amplitude to 53 mV. The module has a fully passive RIAA equalization curve and beskondensatornye interstage connection DC with servo tracking scheme as tract. In the future, the manufacturer promises to release other modules that expand the scope of the amp.

The basis of Jotunheim was a new development Schiit is fully balanced scheme Pivot Point on the discrete elements of the feedback current, which engineers been doing for the last three years. It gives you the opportunity to use balanced and unbalanced connectors without phase splitters at the input and combiners at the output. Besides, the opportunity to use a balanced DAC with passive filtering two chips AKM AK4490, eliminating an additional link in the signal path between the DAC and the amplifier. According to the manufacturer, the sound quality only benefit from this.

Jotunheim without additional modules costs about 40 thousand rubles, with the DAC module, or a module, MM-Phono stage — on 10 thousand more.

Source: Schiit Audio


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