Jolla signed an agreement on the licensing of Sailfish OS, a large Chinese consortium

Apparently, in the near future the company Jolla can significantly improve. Now Sailfish OS does not take any appreciable market share, and to buy a smartphone with this operating system in most markets is simply impossible.

But, as it became known, Jolla signed an agreement with some Chinese consortium that has acquired a license to use Sailfish OS to create on the basis of its own operating system for mobile (and not only) devices.

The consortium intends to invest in the project $ 250 million, creating not only the OS but also the entire ecosystem. Also referred to corporate and government needs, that is the new operating system can be targeted not only on the consumer segment.

Sailfish OS is one of the few alternative mobile operating systems on the market, dominated by Android and iOS. Particularly acute is felt in the background of the almost complete disappearance of Windows Mobile and BB OS.

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