Jolla continues the work on Sailfish OS. Presents a new version called the Iijoki

Jolla, the company continues to develop its Sailfish OS, despite the fact that the market of smartphones, it can not yet boast popularity.

In particular, the developers announced a version of Sailfish OS 2.1.0 in early access. As reported by the creators of the system, it is their biggest release in recent times. The new version fixes thousands of bugs and made fundamental improvements.

The update is named after a Finnish river Iijoki. In it, for example, there is a basic implementation of 64-bit architecture. The new version boasts an improved camera, the initial support VPNs, the ability to adjust fonts and so on.

Finally, the Sailfish OS has received the ability to copy and paste text in the browser. The program camera control is somewhat simplified, and the menu redesigned. The native keyboard has added support for several new languages.

When this version will be available to all owners of smartphones, is still unknown.



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