JOLED is seeking $ 900 million for the development of printing technology OLED

The company JOLED plans to become the first Japanese manufacturer who has mastered the serial production of OLED panels using a new technology that is due to the low cost of production will allow to compete with industry leaders — South Korean companies.

The brainchild of members of the joint venture Japan Display needs investment to master mass production of panels by inkjet printing.

Development costs of this technology less, than in the case of vacuum deposition technology used by South Korean manufacturers. Below and waste materials. It is estimated that this reduces the cost of the television panel by 30-40%, which can lead to lower prices for TVs.

In JOLED plan to begin mass production of panels in 2019 at the factory owned by Japan Display. Now there are available LCD panel for smartphones Apple iPhone, but before the end of the year the factory would be stopped.

The manufacturer expects to attract to the project of about $ 900 million. Among those to whom SP had applied for help, called the Japanese company Sony, Canon, Fujifilm Holdings, Nikon and Sumitomo Chemical. If Japan can find the necessary sum will fail JOLED to start negotiations with the Chinese and other foreign companies. If you do not help and that the plan will be revised.

Now 75% of the capital belongs to the Fund JOLED Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), a 15% company Japan Display, 5% — companies Sony and Panasonic. The infusion of funds from outside, can lead to the fact that the proportion of the INCJ will become less than 50%.



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