John McAfee has settled a dispute with Intel

The developer of one of the first antivirus software John McAfee (John McAfee) has defended the right to use your name. Six years after Intel bought McAfee, its founder filed for Intel to court in an attempt to regain the right to call his name the new company. Intel responded with a counter lawsuit.

As it became known this week, the parties were able to settle the dispute out of court. They already signed the contract, and the judge closed the case. Under the agreement, McAfee will be able to continue to use their name in the names of companies and products, but only if they are not related to computer security.

In addition, McAfee has agreed not to register the trademark John McAfee Privacy Phone and not use the trademark John McAfee Global Technologies. By the way, it is the desire to rename the company MGT Capital Investments, in which McAfee is the CEO, John McAfee Global Technologies was the reason for the dispute with Intel. Now McAfee has abandoned plans to rename. However, he will be able to use your name in advertising and other materials.

Source: Engadget



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