Jewelry company Caviar has designed the smartphone Apple iPhone in the style of Pokemon Go

Jewelry company Caviar, its own way of placing the product Apple introduced the smartphone Caviar Pokemon Go Edition. The basis of the product is Apple iPhone 6s, and for decoration, as you can guess, the chosen style of the popular game.

The specialists of Caviar used the bas-relief on the titanium and gold plating. The device design includes a stylized image associated with the weapon for catching Pokemon, and background pattern, which veiled the symbols of the game Pokemon Go and fancy the image of fire. In addition to the device itself, the buyer will receive a paid account with a maximum pack of game currency.

The cost of new items — 177 000 RUB Caviar expects to begin its sale at the same time with the Russian premiere of the game Pokemon Go. Only 77 copies will be released for the device.

Source: Caviar



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