JEDEC standard LPDDR4 updates and publishes a new standard LPDDR4X

Organization JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, which develops standards in the field of microelectronics, published specification JESD209-4B, Low Power Double Data Rate 4 (LPDDR4) and JESD209-4-1, Supplement No. 1 to JESD209-4 Low Power Double Data Rate 4X (LPDDR4X).

According to JEDEC, both standards are designed to significantly increase the speed and efficiency of memory for mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and ultrathin laptops. The specifications developed by the relevant Subcommittee of the JEDEC JC-42.6. They are already available for free download on the organization’s website.

In the new version LPDDR4 added option of a crystal with one channel for miniature devices, the new hull type MCP, PoP, and IoT, as well as made improvements that allow for speeds of up to 4266 Mbps per line.

The new standard LPDDR4X — optional extension that allows designers to further reduce power consumption and provide additional flexibility. More specifically, in LPDDR4X voltage interface (VDDQ) is reduced from 1.1 to 0.6 V and the number of programmable options there is a coordination of the command bus.

Source: JEDEC


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