JDI will receive $ 650 million from the INCJ will become the main shareholder of JOLED

In August 2014, INCJ, Japan Display (JDI), Sony and Panasonic announced the creation of the SP JOLED. A joint venture combining the assets of Sony and Panasonic in the development of organic led panels was designed to accelerate the creation and early commercialization of OLED display. The proportion of participants was as follows: INCJ — 75%, JDI — 15%, Sony and Panasonic — 5%.

In the first quarter of this year reported that JDI is negotiating the purchase of JOLED. According to the source, referring to the publication Nikkei, JDI plans close to fruition. Paying about $ 100 million Fund INCJ, JDI will be able to increase its share so that it will exceed 50%.

In addition, confirmed the information that JDI may receive from the Fund INCJ to 850 million dollars in aid. More specifically, the Fund will allocate JDI $ 650 million, which will focus on the development of OLED production and development of new LCD panels.

The above plans should be implemented in 2017.

Source: Reuters

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