Jawbone have noted serious financial problems and on the official website you cannot purchase a single device

The Network has a new piece of information regarding the situation of the company Jawbone. Recall that in may there were rumors that the manufacturer of activity trackers stops the release of wearable electronics and looking for options for a sale of the business. Then Jawbone has denied these rumors, but in August, the sources are again talking about trying to sell yourself.

As reported by a new source, the financial position of the Jawbone very badly. In particular, with the company broke off relations Agency for customer service NexRep. The representative NexRep reported that Jawbone was unable to pay for the partner’s services and the issue of solvency in the near future remained open.

The representative of the Jawbone to the inquiry said that the company is under restructuring and the situation of NexRep is part of this process.

In addition, the Jawbone in August started having problems with suppliers. Given the fact that at the moment on the official website of the company, all devices are sold, it can be concluded that the company had no inventory of their products. Perhaps they have, although there is evidence that the Jawbone still looking for ways to normalize the situation and to release next year a new product.



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