Jawbone for many weeks does not do technical support of users in the Network, but promises to return in days

About the problems, the company Jawbone has been known for quite some time. Various sources talked about the debt, the lack of goods, etc., but the manufacturer has steadfastly denied all the rumors.

But if any approval of related resources can be denied without any evidence, the lack of technical support is unlikely for something to be written off. Reportedly, the owners of devices Jawbone massively complain that the company has ceased to provide any support.

Appropriate accounts Jawbone in social networks Facebook and Twitter has been inactive for many weeks. A company is also not responding. Hot line in the UK welcomed the message that customer service in this country and the EU is not available.

We will remind, recently it became known that the Jawbone is going to leave the consumer market and focus on devices and services focused on the medical field and relevant to doctors and patients. However, complete neglect of his duties for the customer support, is unlikely to be a positive column in the reputation of the Jawbone in the future.

However, the Jawbone representative said that the company will be back online in the coming days.



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