Jawbone continues to look for opportunities out of the business

At the end of may, it was reported that well-known manufacturer of fitness bracelets Jawbone, the company is thinking about selling the business due to increased competition from the Apple Watch and other smart watches and fitness trackers.

After a few days the company’s representatives denied the rumors, saying that the Jawbone remains on the market, continuing the development and release of new products. But as they say, there is no smoke without fire. A source familiar with the situation claims that the Jawbone tightly communicated at least with one manufacturer of hardware solutions, discussing the possibility of a private sale.

There is other evidence that the Affairs of the company are not the best way. In order of publication The Information was evidence that Jawbone will not be able to pay off the creditors and to implement the planned August payment. What Jawbone has informed one of its business partners in the letter which came to The Information.



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