Japanese researchers were able to increase the time of data storage in the SSD thousands of times

A group of researchers working in one of the universities in Japan, presented the development in the field of solid-state drives. Researchers have shown that due to the compression data and changes in recording method, it is possible to significantly improve the reliability of disk drives, compensating for the decrease in the number of cycles of write-erase and increasing the time of storage.

The essence of development lies in the combination of the two techniques.

First, the controller compresses the data according to the Huffman algorithm, to reduce the amount of recorded data.

Second, frequent sequences, which correspond to the short codes are recorded in a highly reliable state memory and sequences that occur rarely, which correspond to the long codes are written as usual.

Highly trusted status is achieved by use of a cell TLC, usually receiving one of the eight States to store one of the seven or even six values. Of course, this reduces the information capacity, but increasing the step voltage between States significantly increases the reliability and retention time.

Source: Nikkei BP


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