Japan plans next year to build the fastest supercomputer in the world

Japan plans to build the fastest supercomputer in the world to provide its producers a platform for cutting-edge research in the field of self-driving cars, robotics and medical diagnostics.

The Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan intends to support the project with 173 million dollars in the framework of the program of state support for projects aimed at returning the country the title of technological leader. Positions were lost in competition with South Korea and China. By the way, the Chinese supercomputer is now the title of the fastest in the world.

According to the source, referring to the participants of the project, the system should enter into operation next year. Its design capacity is 130 PFLOPS. Note that the performance of the above-mentioned Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight reaches 96 PFLOPS.

One use of the Japanese supercomputer called artificial intelligence (AI), more deep learning neural networks, operating on the principles borrowed from the human intellect. Not surprisingly, the project is called ABCI (AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure, which can be translated as «cloud infrastructure, combined with the AI»). Will participate in the project, a Fujitsu company, has created the fastest supercomputer today, the Japanese Oakforest-PACS, the performance of which is 13.6 PFLOPS, is still unknown.

Source: Reuters


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