Japan has created solar panels that are half the size of existing

The Japanese company Next Energy & Resources presented the solar panel, which, according to the manufacturer, is half the size of existing models, widely used by consumers.

The panel, created by experts Next Energy & Resources, weighs 10.5 kg. to Decrease the weight of the panel was managed by reducing the thickness of the protective glasses 75%. The smaller mass of the panel expands the possibilities for installing it. It is expected that the new panel will be mounted on the roofs of houses.

To compensate for the decrease in strength, the designers have added stiffeners on the back side of the panel. Allegedly, designed to withstand the snow load 5400 PA.

In the panel uses the photovoltaic cell of monocrystalline silicon. The maximum output power of the panel — 275 watts.

Source: Nikkei BP


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