Japan has created a mobile service that allows you to find the nearest free toilet

The call of nature sometimes finds man in an unexpected moment and in an unfamiliar place. To help in such a situation, quickly find the nearest free toilet — the task of a mobile service created by Japanese telecommunications giant KDDI.

The service uses the Internet of things, getting sensor readings on the doors of the booths. The situation with the doors attached to the user region is updated in real time and available to the user of the mobile application. According to the developers, the application will allow you not to lose time, waiting until the toilet is free, and immediately go to the nearest free.

By the way, the same sensor will notify the building administrator if the stall remains occupied for more than 30 minutes, as this may be a signal that the sensor or the visitor all is not well.

The introduction of the development will begin in March. In the first stage the service will be available in office buildings. If the experience is positive, the innovation will cover public places, including stadiums, train stations and shopping centers.

In the future, KDDI plans to offer additional service which will control the valve, determining the required for flushing water quantity based on the time spent by the person in the toilet.

Source: Mashable


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