Japan Display seeks to exit crisis-related fluctuations in the demand for the iPhone

The company Japan Display is considering a possibility of attracting additional investment, which would help to overcome the crisis in which she found herself. This was reported by the newspaper Nikkei, adding that Japan Display will soon announce the reduction of 3,500 jobs.

About Japan Display is going to deepen the restructuring and hopes to attract additional investments, it became known in June. But then the company had hoped to Fund with state participation Innovation Network Corp of Japan (INCJ), which is one of the members of the enterprise created in 2012 by the merger of the relevant divisions of Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba. Now Japan Display is ready to consider the participation of external investors. Among the possible options is called the attraction of strategic investors and funds involved in the purchase of businesses.

This discussion made at tomorrow’s meeting of the Board of Directors on issues of restructuring.

Causes of the crisis, which was the company, the source calls the later inclusion in the OLED race, and fluctuations in the demand for smartphones Apple iPhone.

Japan Display


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