Japan Display revenue last quarter was 10.4% lower than a year ago

The company Japan Display Inc (JDI) has published the results of the last quarter. From the Japanese manufacturer 31 December ended the third quarter of 2016 financial year.

Income for the reporting period amounted to 2,431 billion. This is 10.4% lower than a year ago. More detailed examination shows that sales of displays for mobile devices for the year decreased by 14.1%. Meanwhile, this article provides 85% of the income of the company. Sales of displays for vehicles and other applications, providing the remaining 15% of the revenue for the year increased by 18.4%.

The manufacturer notes the growth of supply in terms of quantity, recorded in the Chinese market. However, due to the lower prices and the strengthening of the yen, sales in monetary terms decreased.

The operating profit of the JDI was in the last quarter was equal to 112.5 million dollars. This is 5.1% less than last year.

As of quarter end assets Japan Display was estimated at 4.04 billion dollars, and the debt of the company amounted to 4,923 billion. Not casually in the end of last year JDI needed help Fund INCJ.

Source: JDI

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