Japan Display plans to produce flexible liquid crystal displays and liquid crystal displays, within the width of less than 1 mm

Known display manufacturers in recent years actively investing in AMOLED technology, allocating funds for the development and construction of factories. However, this does not mean that liquid crystal displays give up without a fight. According to reports by Japanese media, the company Japan Display intends to offer manufacturers flexible liquid crystal displays and liquid crystal displays, within a width of less than 1 mm.

The AMOLED panel attractive small thickness, flexibility and high image quality, but their production cost is several times higher than the cost of production of liquid crystal displays. Another disadvantage of AMOLED is less life.

Flexible liquid crystal displays in Japan Display expects to start producing in 2017, and full production to expand in the years 2018-2019. This production company will produce their own. At the same time, the source claims that Japan Display will not leave without attention of AMOLED panel by financing their production in a joint venture. Apparently, we are talking about the fact that Japan Display will receive $ 650 million from the INCJ will become the major shareholder of SP JOLED.

Source: Digitimes

Japan Display


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