Japan Display betting on OLED, trying to strengthen the financial position

The company Japan Display, which manufactures LCD panels, experiencing difficulties in connection with the transition of the industry on OLED panel. The restoration of its financial situation in Japan Display connected… with the development and release of OLED.

The manufacturer is planning a substantial investment in the development of new products, hoping to help. The action plan should be ready next spring.

The Japanese manufacturer expects to begin mass production of OLED panels in 2019. This will be a panel of small size, designed for smartphones. The company JOLED, at the time, created by members of Japan Display, too, focused on the production of OLED panels, but medium and large size. They are designed for industrial equipment and televisions. As you know, JOLED plans to use the technology of inkjet printing. The company is now seeking funds for the development of this technology.

The company Japan Display plan to make panels using advanced vacuum deposition technology. It is assumed that JOLED, Japan Display and will be able to cover a wider range of customers.

According to the source, the company Japan Display is looking for a partner who would agree to participate in financing projects worth 1.77 billion dollars in exchange for access to technology. Among the most likely candidates named company BOE Technology Group and Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics.



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