Japan Display and NHK have created a 3D display that uses light field technology

The company Japan Display and NHK Media Technology jointly developed 3D display that uses light field technology. The formation of three-dimensional image in such a display is built on the play of the rays of light reflected by objects in all directions. The image can be seen without special glasses.

The basis of the display is liquid crystal panel with a size of 17 inches and a resolution of 8K, which uses proprietary technology, Japan Display, and image processing, created by experts at NHK Media Technology. As stated, the image formed by the display, has a high degree of realism. In addition, the new display provides a much wider viewing angle compared to its predecessors. To see this in practice can visitors to the exhibition SID Display Week, which will be held in Los Angeles from 23 to 25 may.

Source: CDR Info


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