Jaguar Land Rover has shared his view on the steering wheel of the cars of the future

Self-driving electric cars — this in a nutshell is the future of personal vehicles. These machines will not be necessary in the steering wheel, however, becoming an optional, it can change function and become a tool for communicating with artificial intelligence that controls travel. Anyway, this is the vision of the company Jaguar Land Rover presented a conceptual design under the name Sayer.

The device, named after the designer Malcolm Sayer (Malcolm Sayer), in particular, created the appearance of the car E-Type Jaguar and Jaguar XJS, is intended to be a kind of assistant to the user in tasks related to trips. It is noteworthy that the wheel will not belong to a particular machine and user. Moreover, the user may not need to be a car. The use of the Sayer might look like this: for example, if the user has scheduled for tomorrow a business meeting, he says the steering wheel-the Concierge, who by the specified time will cause the car to she managed to deliver user.

The realisation of such ideas or the same function, more convenient to charging your smartphone — the universal device, which is already available for everyone? At Jaguar Land Rover do not hide the fact that the development is not aimed at practical implementation, and is only thinking on the subject.

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