Jacket khaki: trends in military style

Khaki, until recently, exclusively associated with the military uniform. But fashion designers found in olive color a certain charm that has been successfully used for clothing casual-style and festive wardrobe.

Khaki is literally translated as «covered with dust». To call this shade is a definite difficult, it is complex and deep color, which combines several elements – green, grey, yellow, grey, beige, etc.

They create a delicate weave that allows to generate numerous variants of military style clothing.

A bit of history

After the war, the textile factory could not boast of a variety of colors and fabrics, many of them were converted for the production of clothing for the soldiers.

But even in this difficult time, the girls tried to make their way and alter clothes to suit your needs. So there were jackets, pants, vests khaki. They can be considered the founders of the military style, which was again raised on a pedestal trendy modern designers.

Clothing olive green often been the subject of preferences of young people, who used it to show the protest against military conflicts. Representatives of subcultures – hippies, rock – made clothes khaki main elements of their images.

Colors of the current fashion collections do not pursue any purposes and called only to emphasize the style and elegance of girls. Shades of khaki become more calm and moderate, without causing «protective» of colors inherent in the uniform.

Style jackets military: Fashionable khaki 2018

Latest collection of famous designers showed that khaki can be easily used to design casual clothes.

A particularly memorable display of Olivia Palermo with her amazing jackets military, who conquered critics at fashion week in Milan.

Why you should have in your wardrobe outerwear style hacks? As feminine and designed for modern fashionistas?

The military jacket is a classic fashion preferences. Along with the leopard prints and metallic shades, outerwear khaki indispensable in the creation of images in urban style.


The obvious advantage jackets khaki is the ability to be in harmony with other wardrobe items. Feminine dresses, pencil skirts, floor-to-will only benefit from the proximity of outerwear olive green.

Due to the depth of color outwear khaki is able to focus on other shades of your image. Amid olive colors such as pink, gold, leopard prints and trendy stripes and sequins will look much brighter and more attractive.

Styles jackets are decorated with large pockets and buttons of large diameter.

Latest fashion collections top military style clothing has got a certain softness, allowing for small decor elements – stand-up collar, Mao, straps and a small chain.

In addition to dense fabric to design jackets use a delicate silk, lace insets, three-dimensional embroidery, sequins and other decorations.

Features jackets, khaki military style

Outerwear khaki to the end have not lost the echoes of the war years, so even in current models needs to be specific, the cuffs, pockets, prestice etc.

Trend 2018 – jacket in military style with stitched shoulders resembling shoulder straps.

Along with shoulder straps in fashion collections lead the jackets with stand-up collar, which performs several functions. On the one hand, this is purely a decorative element of clothing, on the other, this type of collar has a protective function.

Jacket in military style with stand-up collar looks great on the figure and perfectly protects from bad weather and wind.

Park khaki

Park – ideal for modern casual style. It applies to all images and, despite the baggy style looks very feminine.

Fit parks is marked by restraint, absence of decorative elements. If you want to have in her wardrobe is practical, comfortable, durable jacket, the Park, khaki is what you need this winter.

Down jacket khaki military style

The perfect solution for cold winter, when so want to combine the latest trends and stylish practicality. Jackets in military style can be as plain or camo style.

Option print more «flashy», it will highlight you from the crowd and draw attention to themselves, that is not true about the solid counterpart.

Puffer jacket, khaki, in any case, looks stylish and appealing. Besides, in that outfit you just will not freeze.

Please note on models with a trim of their fur. They look more feminine, smoothing out the rough edges of the image.

Trench coat in military style 2018

The trench coat is the best option for late autumn and warm winter. As an intermediate model between a cloak and a long jacket trench coat looks incredibly stylish.

Khaki highlighted the uniqueness of this style. Many models are decorated with two rows of buttons, large patch pockets.

But the trench coat looks in combination with a belt with a large buckle.

Leather khaki: Trends 2018

Skin returns back again in the fashion collections. Increasingly, the guru of the fashion industry use it to sew elegant skirts causing a variety of colors. Did not remain without attention and outerwear.

Jackets khaki borrowed from the military pilots. It can be as demi models, and the more insulated the liner for the cold winter.

Models are concise, decorated with zippers with large teeth, hidden and patch pockets.

What to wear with khaki jacket

Many ladies fear the clothes in the «military» style, only because I don’t know how to combine it. Really such a controversial color as khaki, is at first sight difficult to make friends with the other elements of the image.

We will try to dispel this misconception.

The main contrasts. Creating an image in military style, you have to combine completely different style clothes. For example, an elegant black dress, short lace dresses, skirts various styles more attractive look combined with outerwear khaki.

Discard unnecessary decorative elements. If they are present on the jacket, it is not necessary to Supplement your large bracelets, bright top with provocative prints. Makeup must also be made in calm tones.

To this way are great ankle boots and long boots of black or green.

If the bottom uses skinny jeans or classic pants, choose-fitting jackets model.

Under a lush lace skirt, wear a cropped jacket that visually smooth out the image and make it more balanced.

Khaki jacket in military style – practical and stylish clothing for everyday images. The variety of shades of olive color allows you to select comfortable and fashionable outerwear that will diversify and embellish the bleak winter images.

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