Jackery Jewel is the first cable to the USB connectors and Lightning, as well as a built-in battery

Jackery company introduced a non-standard product in the form of cable with USB connectors and Lightning, which is certified by Apple.

This non-standard cable length of about 1 m makes the built-in battery capacity 450 mAh, which allows you, for example, to quickly replenish the battery capacity of the iPhone 6s is about a quarter. Jackery Jewel also has led charging indicator. He may be blue, green or red, and flashing during the charging process. To check the status of the battery, you press the only button on the case.

Like other cables with Lightning connector, Jackery Jewel allows you to charge your iPhone, iPad and iPod when connecting to computer or transfer data.

Jackery Jewel is available for $ 20.



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