ITS ID-Cooling Hunter Duet II cools the CPU and GPU is better the old model

The source said of the impending update ITS ID-Cooling Hunter Duet under a predictable name Hunter Duet II. A feature of this series is not only the closed design, but the two pumps in the water-block for CPU and GPU together with a common radiator.

In sum, two of the waterblock can remove up to 500 watts of thermal energy. This is achieved by increasing the fluid pressure due to new pumps and improve teplosetevaya 50% due to a radiator of larger size — dimensions has grown to 360 x 120 mm with the same 240 x 120 mm.

The waterblock for the graphics card are covered with decorative overlay and supplemented by the radiator fan, which are cooling the power supply system and video memory chips. The main radiator is blown by three fans size 120 mm pump with ceramic bearings. Mount for supports all current CPU sockets, including AM4, can be installed on the card in increments mounting holes at 58.4 and 53.3 mm. Price ITS ID-Cooling Hunter Duet II will be announced later.



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