ITS CPU ID-Cooling Auraflow 240 is synchronized with the illumination system Asus Aura

Company ID-Cooling continues to expand its range of liquid cooling systems are not only for cards, but for CPUs. One of them entered ITS gated ID-Cooling Auraflow 240, in it the company has focused on RGB-backlit, which can synchronize color and effects with the system Asus Aura. The waterblock is equipped with a diffuser in the shape of the letter C, highlighted and radiator fans; the backlight is supplied through a separate connector with a voltage of 12 V To the motherboard.

The waterblock with a diameter of 65 mm and a height of 36 mm supplemented with copper heat sink shipped with ribs of reduced size , the design of the latter increases the total heat transfer area. The estimated service life of ceramic bearings is up to 50 thousand hours, at a speed of 2100 Rev/min the noise level does not exceed 25 dBA.

ITS ID-Cooling Auraflow 240 is equipped with aluminum radiator dual fan SF-12025 size 120 mm pipe length 315 mm, protected by a textile sheath. With a starting voltage of 7 To the fans rotate at a speed 700-1800 rpm, creating air flow to 2.11 cubic meters per minute and the noise to 35.2 dBA. ITS ID-Cooling Auraflow 240 valued at $110 and is compatible with current CPU sockets, including AMD AM4, FM2(+), AM3(+), Intel LGA2011, 1366, 1150 and 1151.



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