ITS a Fractal Design S24 Celsius and Celsius S36 received a pump with ceramic bearings

Company Fractal Design presented a new liquid cooling system of closed type for CPU: Celsius Celsius S24 and S36. The name coded dimensions of the aluminum radiator block, which represent 284 x 122 x 31 mm 403 x 123 x 30 mm.

The kit accordingly consists of two or three fan X2 GP-12, whose speed is regulated automatically or via PWM in the range of 500-2000 rpm stated noise level does not exceed of 32.2 dB, and the declared resource is 100 thousand hours.

Fittings of metal and fixed with thread G and a size of ¼ inch, a common type of fastening makes it possible to add a waterblock for the video card. The copper heat sink, CPU waterblock integrated pump, and sound absorbing materials. Due to the ceramic bearings of the pump resource is more than 50 thousand hours at full speed the noise from it does not exceed 20 dBA. The speed of the pump can be adjusted together with fans within 1950-3150 rpm Supports all current processor sockets, ITS a Fractal Design S24 Celsius and Celsius S36 valued at $110 and $130 respectively.

Fractal Design


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