ITS a Be Quiet! Silent Loop 360 has become the flagship of his family

Presented in September last year, the family of liquid cooling systems of the closed type Be Quiet! Silent Loop was added to the largest model. Be Quiet! Silent Loop 360, as the name implies, is completed by a radiator with a length of 360 mm, and the radiator telemedium.

The cooling radiator was occupied by three fan Pure Wings 2 size 120 mm, the shape of the blades which are optimized to achieve an optimal balance between noise and static pressure of the air flow. The reversible pump has a two-tier structure in which heated on a copper heat sink fluid passes through the internal radiator. The rotation speed of the pump does not exceed 2200 rpm, the length of the tubes is 390 mm, they are protected from kinks, and is equipped with a valve for refueling.

Not last role is played by liquid metallic thermal interface. The declared resource of the fans reaches 80 thousand hours, they rotate at a speed of 2000 rpm, and the rpm is regulated by the PWM method. The air flow reaches 111,3 cubic meters per hour. ITS a Be Quiet! Silent Loop 360 is able to withdraw from a CPU up to 450 W of thermal energy and is compatible with all current sockets from AMD and Intel. The novelty is estimated at 160 Euro and is protected by a three year warranty.

Be Quiet!


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