ITC will consider the prosecution of AMD address LG, Vizi, MediaTek and Sigma Designs

Commission on international trade USA (ITC) has responded to the complaint AMD filed in early February. We will remind, in the complaint, AMD has accused LG, Vizio, MediaTek and Sigma Designs in the infringement of patents for technologies GPU.

According to AMD, the listed company violate it owned patents that describe some of the architectural features of graphics processors, including unified shaders and parallel execution.

At the end of last week on the ITC website, it was reported, from which it follows that the Commission will consider the treatment of AMD. Against companies LG Electronics, Vizi, MediaTek and Sigma Designs will be investigated, designed to determine whether they violate the patents of AMD, referred to in the complaint. The regulator said that the final decision on the investigation will be made soon, after which 45 days must be assigned an expiration date.

Source: ITC



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