It was reported about the explosion of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7 of the new party

Yesterday, Samsung announced that the program to replace the launch party of Samsung Galaxy Note7 goes very well, adding that 90% of customers refused to cash compensation in favor of the new checked smartphones.

Last week some users who have smartphone of the new party, began to report that they overheat when charging and very quickly lose energy. Then the representatives of Samsung said that the cases are isolated and that they have nothing to do with batteries. Now appeared information about the first explosion of the smartphone of the new party.

24-year-old resident of China claims that his smartphone exploded the next day after he received the parcel. As a result, he got a burn on two fingers, in addition, damaged nearby laptop.

The Samsung representative visited him with a request to provide a smartphone for the examination, but the young man refused, saying that he wants to inform about the incident to the public.

The press service of Samsung said that they continue to communicate with the client, but any conclusions without a smartphone on hand can do.

As we already reported, about a quarter of the messages about the fire smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7 proved to be false.



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