It turns out that smartphones contain the Pixel 2 image processor Pixel Visual Core of own development of Google

Today, the Network appeared the first reviews of the Google Pixel the new generation. It turned out that these devices hide one interesting innovation, which the search giant for some reason, silence during the presentation.

Talking about the first image processor of its own design Google. It’s called Pixel Visual Core and OCTA-core is the solution. As you know, SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (and not only it) contains its own image processor, but Google apparently decided that it is insufficient.

About Pixel Visual Core while knows little enough. For example, each core contains a 512 ALU computational blocks, i.e. a total of 4096. The CPU performance is more than three trillion operations per second. In particular, this allows you to process images in HDR+ mode five times faster than previously. Pixel Visual Core also makes the possibility of shooting in the brand HDR+ mode in any camera app. In General, Pixel Visual Core is a system-on-chip, not just CPU, since its configuration includes the Cortex-A53, EN RAM LPDDR4, and several other blocks.

Interestingly, now Pixel Visual Core is not active. It will include with the release of Android updates 8.1. Moreover, its capabilities will expand.



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