It turned out that the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix is not as easy to bend as you would think

That the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix better not to drop, we already wrote. But how durable this unit in other aspects, was not clear.

Famous tormentor of smartphones Jerry rig (Jerry Rig) released a video from which it is clear that the new product Xiaomi is not so fragile.

As you can see, cranking the camera by hand, the author did not. And even the fact that when you force the front and rear panels away from the frame, does Mi Mix worse, because they can easily be put in place, and performance the smartphone is still.

With respect to the test solid abrasive objects, then the front glass can be damaged by a material hardness of at least 6 points on the Mohs scale, and for the rear side and did terrible, only the most solid materials with a value of not less than 8 points.



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