It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will include not only Bixby but Google Assistant

Announcing a new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8 Samsung Electronics has confirmed that together with him in the market to debut a personal assistant with artificial intelligence technology Bixby.

As we have noted, at this stage it is difficult to say how Bixby will be more perfect in terms of used technologies and capabilities compared to Google Assistant. In addition, the possibility of Bixby during the first weeks/months after sales began Galaxy S8 will be limited, which is also referred to.

Today sources said that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will also include the voice assistant Google Assistant. These software solutions will compete on the market in the coming years. The conditions under which Samsung agreed to add to the function list of opportunities AT competing, behind the scenes.

Earlier Samsung declared that Bixby is more intuitive and perfect helper than all competitors.



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