It is expected that tablet shipments in the current quarter will grow by 16.3%

According to experts Digitimes Research, in the current quarter shipments of tablets should reach 47 million units, approximately 16.3% greater when compared with the previous quarter. Although this is 10% less than in the same period a year earlier.

Upcoming growth is due to the fact that vendors are increasing the themes, starting to prepare for the season of Christmas sales, as well as the improvement of the economy in some developing countries.

Delivery of the iPad in the third quarter should make about 9.5 million units, experts note a high demand for the iPad Pro with a screen diagonal of 9.7 inches. Delivery tablets companies that made nameless products (white-box), will increase to 18.5 million units. And Taiwanese companies that operate on the conditions ODM, predicts a decline in the supply due to the decrease in orders from Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.


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