It became known, what will be the first 10-nanometer chips Intel

The transition to thinner standards technical process is always fraught with the risk of reducing the yield rate of products is below the permissible limit. Therefore, for the development of technologies better suited products with simple topology, such as chips of NAND flash memory. In their case, most of the area of a crystal is a homogeneous array of transistors, and R & d expenditure is substantially less than in the case of complex logic circuits, such as processors.

That is the memory chip NAND chose Intel as the first products to be released according to the norms of 10 nm. By the way, at the same time the manufacturer introduces the modified architecture of the transistor, called FinFET Hyper Scaling. Allegedly, it will allow you to increase the packing density by 2.7 times compared with the figure originally called for stage 10 nm.

A 10-nanometer NAND you will find the application of three-dimensional layout with 64 layers. The chip will be designed for the SSD enterprise segment.



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