It became known, what Foxconn will enter the market of integrated circuits

As we reported, Foxconn plans to establish a China development center specialized integrated circuits.

The source added that information exclusive material based on interview with company’s CEO Terry GOU (Terry Gou). The head of Foxconn has designated initial area of interest of the company in the semiconductor industry. According to him, conditions for work in this field more profitable compared to contract manufacturing of electronic devices, was created as a result of the purchase of a controlling stake in Sharp. It is well known that the Japanese manufacturer has experience in the development and production of integrated circuits, although it has refused this direction long before the deal with Foxconn.

So, Foxconn plans to start with the chips for TVs connected to the Internet. TVs is one of the main types of products Sharp. However, this is not limited. At Foxconn expect to master the development and production of the chips is necessary in relation to the growing power of technology «cloud computing»

Sources: Patently Apple, Nikkei



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