It became known that Google cease technical support of Pixel and Nexus smartphones

As you know, Google Pixel will receive an upgrade to Android O first in early August. All in all, Google promised to update the OS smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL for two years. New information published by Google, allows to conclude that with the discontinuation of updates will be discontinued and technical support. It concerns the arrangements of lines in Pixel and Nexus.

More precisely, the devices Pixel and Pixel XL, released in 2016, will get Android updates up to October 2018. Security updates they will receive until October 2019. In the same month, Google will no longer provide technical support.

User support Nexus 5X 6P and will end in September 2018. Owners of models of the Nexus 6 and 9 can count on security updates and providing tech support only until October this year.

Source: Google



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