Irix offers it’s own filter system for wide angle lenses

Irix company specializing in the production of wide-angle full-frame lenses for digital SLR cameras, has introduced a filter system for wide angle lenses. More specifically, it is designed specifically for lenses Irix 15mm f/2.4.

The system includes made of aluminum alloy mount IFH-100 and the filters with sizes 100 x 100 mm 100 x 150 mm. On the lens mount is fixed with a bayonet lock. Because the lock is made removable, can be installed IFH-100 on other lenses with the help of transition rings with thread.

The possibility of rotation of the front element IFH-100 allows you to easily change the position of the gradient and polarizing filters. According to the manufacturer, the thickness of the attachment is small enough to install two filters without the risk of vignetting.

The system also includes a first filter with a thickness of 2 mm: neutral, gradient and polarizing. In the future the assortment will be expanded. However, the urgent need for this, since the mount IFH-100 can be used mechanically compatible filters from other manufacturers.

Data on the cost and timing of the start of sales of new products yet.


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