Ireland and Apple have agreed to almost 15 billion euros

Ireland and Apple are close to an agreement that will protect the government of Ireland against any losses, due to the fact that it has agreed to hold funds belonging to the iPhone maker during the dispute with the antitrust regulators of the European Union. This source said two of the informant who is familiar with the situation.

We recall that a year ago, the Commission demanded that Ireland to recover from Apple’s unpaid taxes. This decision was the result of an investigation initiated in 2014.

In September last year the Irish Parliament approved the government’s decision on the appeal. The above amount will be kept in Ireland to demand the party in whose favor the final decision of the court.

It is expected that the agreement between Ireland and Apple will be signed in the coming weeks. The amount gets deposited Ireland, with interest, is close to 15 billion euros. The appeal may take up to five years.



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