IPhone owners waiting for the release of the jubilee of the smartphone more than the iPhone 7 last year

Loup Ventures analyst gene Munster (Gene Munster) published the results of a recent study whose purpose was to find out how the iPhone 8 might be more popular than last year’s model.

The survey involved more than 500 Americans, among whom were 234 iPhone owner. 23% of them expressed the intention to change your smartphone on the anniversary of the iPhone. Last year a similar survey found that only 15% of the audience interested in the iPhone 7.

I should add that last year the survey was conducted in July 2016 for a couple of months before the release of iPhone 7. At the moment, until the iPhone’s market 8 remains at least six months, and if confirmed, the iPhone 8 may come with a delay at the end of the year.

The degree of users ‘ interest can both increase and decrease. It all depends on new rumors that have appeared during this time.



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