iPhone 8 can save Lightning connector, but to get the adapter for a USB cable-C

As we already reported, The Wall Street Journal, citing proven informants, wrote that the new smartphone iPhone 8 Apple will abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB.

Recall that in 2012 Apple replaced the 30-pin Dock Connector original connector for more compact Lightning. After another five years, Apple may switch to USB type-C, which is becoming more popular today.

However, Barclays analyst Curtis blaine (Blayne Curtis) believes that Apple will still retain the Lightning connector. Thus, according to him, in the European region, the company will offer an adapter with Lightning connectors («Pope») and USB-C («mother»). This step will allow you to support the initiative «One charger for all» (One mobile phone charger for all), which was introduced in 2009 by the European Commission.

The source says that Apple has previously supported the campaign, selling in Europe adapters with connectors Dock Connector and Micro USB as well as Lightning and Micro USB (on the image).



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