iPhone 8 can get a camera with the functionality of augmented reality

The latest article published on the website Business Insider indicates that Apple plans to add the functionality of augmented reality in the camera of the iPhone.

For this purpose, various developments and technologies acquired in recent years of startups, including Metaio. Last, we recall, specializiruetsya just on augmented reality.

One of the possible scenarios of use of the iPhone camera in the future looks like this: the user points the camera at an object and it recognizes it and gives the available online information. It is also expected that the native iPhone camera app will be able to more accurately recognize faces of users and produce a variety of manipulation with them in real time.

A few days ago, sources reported that Apple has started testing an absolutely smart glasses augmented reality that will connect wirelessly to the iPhone.

For Apple it would be nice to provide the functionality of augmented reality at the same time with the anniversary of the iPhone next year, but sources believe that the announcement may be delayed until 2018.



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