iPhone 7 Plus was more popular than the iPhone 7 for the first time since the advent in the line of iPhone models Plus

Exclusive data published by Slice Intelligence, indicate that on the pre-order stage in the US, the iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 ahead. The results listed in this article were formed in the result of a survey of 32 thousand buyers of new smartphones.

During the first two days after you start taking pre-orders for the 55% of users chose the iPhone 7 Plus. A year ago, 41% of buyers made a choice in favor of the iPhone 6s Plus, and two years ago 35% of fans, Apple has opted iPhone 6 Plus. Thus, for the first time since the appearance in the lineup of two models with different diagonals iPhone 7 Plus ahead of the Junior model. This year the iPhone 7 Plus is a weighty argument in the form of dual cameras, which, in particular, attracted the attention of buyers.

55.9% of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus over the last two years have bought at least one Apple smartphone. 34% of owners of new smartphones didn’t buy any smartphones from January 2014.

The most popular color was black (Black) with a score of 46%, second place was taken by a glossy black Jet Black with 23%. In third was the glamorous pink gold (Rose Gold) with 15%.

67% of users chose phones with 128 GB of flash memory, the models with 256 and 32 GB preferred, respectively, 19 and 14% of buyers.

As we previously reported, all models of the iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 in the color Jet Black sold out before today’s start.



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