IPhone 7 drilled their smartphones to find the hidden headphone Jack

A week ago on YouTube appeared a humorous video where the author said that Apple concealed 3.5 mm plug in the housing beneath the grill of the second speaker.

Those who do not want to use a headphone adapter with 3.5 mm Jack and those who do not want to buy an expensive wireless headset, the author of the drawing has proposed to take and drill a hole in the place where, presumably, loved by many and hidden connector.

It would seem that it’s just a great joke for long-suffering subject. Who would have thought that this «manual» used by some owners of the iPhone 7, which review began to accuse the author of having their smartphone stopped working after this procedure.

Here are just a few of the messages annoyed owners:

«I did everything as described in the video. In the end, the display is off and the smartphone is no longer included. I made the biggest mistake of your life by watching this video».

«My friend said that he got to do it, but my iPhone does not turn on after I drilled a hole for headphones».

«I double-checked that I took a drill with a diameter of 3.5 mm, so my mistake there. Why the smartphone won’t turn on? Someone else has the same problem?».

There are those who still have doubts, but resolute: «I Have no grip, you can hold the smartphone in one hand and drilling a hole? I just don’t want to break the phone. Thank you for your advice».

Some YouTube users decided to «help» the poor fun tips:

«Some after the procedure was having problems, so here’s a tip. The author of the video did not specify that after the drilling you need to clear the new connector. For this you need to place the smartphone in the soapy water for 15 minutes to remove all metal shavings. Then shake the smartphone. I hope someone will help.»

«If you want me to help to bring back your smartphone to life, simply reply to this comment, putting the credit card number, expiration date and three digits on the reverse side.

For a week the video got almost 9 million hits and more than 30 thousand comments.



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